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Polyamide Fabric Printing Screen

Polyamide and polyester printing mesh are super thin woven monofilament fabric made with Petter imported weaving looms, suitable for fine silk printing. Its minimum fabric thickness and good tension allows the smooth ink flow. Polyamide and polyester screen is also used as filter cloth for flour sifting and industrial uses.

With imported high quality monofilament yarn material, Petter produces quality polyester and polyamide fabric for screen printing. We also have the most advanced testing instruments and technicians well trained by Swiss experts to guarantee a reliable quality.

Specification of Polyamide Printing Screen: 60mesh/ inch, 80mesh, inch 100mesh/ inch, 110mesh/ inch, 120mesh/ inch, 135mesh/ inch, 160mesh/ inch, 180mesh/ inch, 200mesh/ inch, 230mesh/ inch, 250mesh/ inch, 280mesh/ inch, 305mesh/ inch, 355mesh/ inch, 380mesh/ inch, 420mesh/ inch.

Width of polyamide screen for printing:
Max. width: 3200mm.Width may varies according to the requirements of customers.
We may also take orders to produce polyamide screen with other special requirements.



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