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Pertter Polyester Mesh Fabric Co. is an environmental, engineering and 
innovative company, based in China. We manufacture high quality 
polyester mesh printing screen, polyester forming fabric, polyester 
dryer fabric, polyester mesh dewatering belt and bolting cloth for 
printing, paper making and pulp making and filtering.Our new product, TextileneMesh, is a kind of durable and long lastingfabric ideal for applications that require high tensile strength, breathability and flame resistance.

Utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques together with our team 
of dedicated staff, we offer series polyester mesh fabric for our 
valuable customers.

Polyester / Bronze Wire Hybrid Antistatic MeshPetter offers polyester mesh belt made with woven-in metal wire offering good ventilation and anti-static property. Learn more.

Polyester mesh refers generally to the polyester fabrics woven with  polyester fiber in spiral and heddle inserting methods for various  industrial uses in producing of paper, corrugated paper, paper for  train fare, filtration and separation in environmental protection,  pharmaceutical, mine, metallurgy, machinery, airspace and other fields.

   About Us
Petter New Products Information - Polyester Screen Printing Mesh:
This product is widely used for wastewater treatment, sugar refining, fruit and vegetable juice pressing, printing and coal washing screen industry. Learn more about Technical Introduction with Specification, Applications and work procedure.
Flour Milling Mesh Cloth:
Bolting-Cloth Grade Polyester Mesh for Milling and Grading of flours, corns and grains. Learn more about this Fine sifting and filtering polyester mesh fabrics.
Polyester Bolting Cloth:
Polyester bolting cloth has high tension, less weight and less cost compared with stainless steel bolting cloth. Widely used as printing screen and filter fabrics .Learn more about this polyester mesh cloth.

Weaving patterns for polyester mesh fabric include single layer  fabric, double layer fabric, two and a half layer fabric and three  layer fabrics.
While always pursuing the latest technologies and proven methods,  our work is professional and consistent with our certification to ISO  9001-2000.
Pertter Polyeter Mesh Fabric Co. will always give a quick response  to your business inquiry.



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