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Anti-static Polyester Screen Mesh

Petter manufactures Anti-static polyester mesh made with monofilament in spiral weaving. It can be made with filling flat wire or round wire to increase ventilation and anti-static property of the mesh. Suitable for drying of pulp in paper-making, chemical fiber, continuous pre-press mesh belt and other anti-static industries.

Advantages of Using Anti-static mesh:
- This anti-static mesh is made with imported German looms, the warp and weft connection is tight, no deformation, no-blocking.
- The warp and weft wire makes a smooth surface of the screen mesh. Easy clean.
- Good ventilation.
- Safe static discharge

Antistatic mesh working principle: When the equipments using polyester fabric runs in high speed, it can produce friction electrostatic.

There is a conductive fiber going through the polyester anti-static fabrics which can release the friction electrostatic, thus play a role in anti-static.

Anti-static polyester mesh spiral dryer belt are mainly used in making of paper, environmental protection, high density board making, rubber and chemical industry etc. Flat wire or round wire can be added in weaving according to customers requirements.

Polyester Antistatic Mesh Mixed with Wire Synthetic & Bronze Hybrid Mesh
Technical Parameters:
Model Filament Dia. (mm) Density (root/cm) Tensile strength (N/cm) Weight Kg/m² Thickness (mm) Air permeability (m³/m²h) CFM 127/Pa
Warp Weft Warp Weft Surface Joint
31505 0.4 0.5 33 9 1600 900 0.80 1.3 2976 186
14804-1 0.8 0.8 14.8 6.8 2000 900 2.2 2.2 4000 250
14804-2 0.65 0.8 14.8 7.2 2000   1.6 1.95 6800 430


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